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5 Wire optic probe

Scully’s original optic liquid level sensor for tank trailer overfill prevention

  • Features Dynacheck® Dynamic Self Checking Circuitry for safe and reliable loading operations
  • Designed to be used with the Scully Intellitrol® and ST-35 series loading rack control monitors
  • Can also be used with the Scully IntelliCheck® 3, IntelliCheck®2, or Scully Load Anywhere® onboard truck control units
  • Overfill prevention applications include road tankers, rail cars, and storage tanks
  • Provides consistent fail-safe overfill prevention and liquid level monitoring when used in conjunction with Scully electronic control equipment
  • Ensures a safe and reliable loading operation by constantly checking a “closed loop” pulsing signal across the entire system
  • Requires no warm-up time
  • Eliminates operator involvement to end the loading operation—pumps and valves are automatically shut down if rising fuel contacts the sensor
  • Can be wired in series for compatibility with Scully Load Anywhere® or IntelliCheck®3 onboard monitors


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