Both of our centers offer the following services:

  • DOT inspections and repairs

  • DOT Aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel welding and repairs

  • Accident damage repair

  • Stainless steel jacket wrappers and heads

  • Certified final stage assembly

  • Hydraulic systems

  • Electronic overfill repair and/or replacement

  • ABS brake repair, complete break jobs and suspensions

  • Pump and blower installation and repair

Certified Tests Performed

  • V

    External Visual (V)

  • I

    Internal Visual (I)

  • K

    Leakage Test (K)

  • P

    Pressure Test (P)

  • T

    Thickness Test (T)

  • L

    Lining Inspection (L)

  • 27

    Method 27 Vapor Tightness Test, 63.425 (e)(1) (K-EPA27)

Werts Welding is registered and qualified to perform tests and inspections on the following units:

MC 306, 307, 312, & DOT 406, 407, and 412

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