2 inch velcro strap 2VELSTRAP
2 inch bright safety orange camlock ear fitting securing velcro strap. List Price:

Qty: 3500
( All Branches ))

 5 Gallon Steel Bucket 5 BUCKET
5 gallon painted steel bucket. List Price:

Qty: Multiple Pallets full
( All Branches ))

 Collapsible Road Cones 17714-18 / 28
28 inch & 18 inch collapsible road cones with reflective tape. Comes with a storage case. Also available in a 4 pack. Qty: )

 Dupont Nomex Cover-alls CT-DUPNL-149S-2XL
2XL Dupont Nomex zip up cover-alls for whenever loading locations require this type of safety equipment. List Price:

Qty: 20
(Wood River)

 Reflective Safety Jacket J6200
Multiple sizes of bright orange and green long sleeve reflective safety jackets. List Price:

(Wood River)

 Reflective Safety Triangles 90-219
Three folding reflective hazard road triangles in hard plastic case. List Price:

Qty: 6
(Wood River)

 Safety Cones RS45015C
Two sizes of orange safety cones made from highly resilient injection molded vinyl rubber. 28 inch ( 7lb. ) & 18 inch ( 3lb.) wide body for added stability. Volume discounts available ask you Werts rep for details. Qty: Pallet full ( All Branches ))

 Safety Gloves ( Multiple styles ) 7110 / 7112 / 7210
Four different styles of safety gloves including winter gloves with lining. Qty: ( All Branches ))

 Safety Vest ( mesh ) V22
Orange mesh reflective safety vest. List Price:

Qty: 12
(Wood River)

 Small Emergency Spill kit SPILLKIT
Small spill kit with 2 socks, 1 pair of gloves, 10 pads, goggles and a disposable plastic bag all packaged in a zippered plastic bag. List Price:

Qty: 75
( All Branches ))

 Spill Pads ( 100 ct ) ENV300
Petroleum ABS spill pads ( 16 inch x 20 inch ) in bundles of 100. List Price:

Qty: Multiple Pallets full
(Wood River
(Des Moines

 Sport Style Safety Glasses 11150910
Sporty style safety glasses with a choice of clear, mirror or gray lens. List Price:

Qty: 30
( All Branches ))

 Yellow Hard Hat 9410Y
Safety yellow plastic hard hat with adjustable head band. List Price:

Qty: 6
(Wood River)
Safety Products
Items displayed on this page are products that the industry has deemed necessary for employee and environmental safety. These products are a normal stock item at all our branch locations. Volume discounts are available. Please call the branch nearest you.